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GT Omega PRO Racing Office Chair – More than Just a Chair

What’s more relaxing than a perfectly-balanced seat? In this hectic life, some of our most peaceful moments derive from sitting down; a daily action which we tend to take for granted. GT Omega Racing are arguably the top brand at creating the best chair for any occasion, and the GT Omega PRO Racing Office Chair is no exception to this standard.

Starting with the materials used, one may already begin to feel the premium quality. Synthetic Leather material lines the aluminium mainframe to provide an extremely convincing texture which is certainly a delight to the eyes. It gets better when put to the test, as the total load capacity, of which goes up to 120kg, is supported by the orthopedically and ergonomically designed structure phenomenally. Within moments, the PRO Racing Office Chair will quickly become a second home and continuously suck you in.

The materials are married with an incredibly unique look; sleek, modern and sexy. Without a doubt, the product will retain a picturesque appearance whether it’s at work, in a meeting or in the basement. Speaking of location, the uses of this chair are simply endless, with the main functions rotating around focus and comfort requiring activities. The, of course, one does get tired now and then. Luckily, the GT Omega PRO Racing Office Chair allows a generous rotation beginning from 85 all the way up to 190 degrees. Activated by a handy lever, it’s quite intuitive to use. Reclining just got a whole lot more fun. Whatever angle you settle at may be locked using the ‘Tilt-lock’ mechanism, which utilises a total of four Class 4 Gas Lift hydraulic pistons which apparently provide the highest degree of consistency, stability and safety possible.

The product offers a wide spectrum of variation, now that we’ve entered it. Tables vary in height and so does this chair. Raising and lowering seat height is as easy as pulling on the familiar lever and naturally moving in the desired direction. This grants a wiggle room of 32 to 40 cm above the floor. Apart from the chair itself, the accompanying armrests may also be personalized to your requirements. Being 4D adjustable, the rests will slide into any orthodox position with ease, of course also offering some height adjustment too. They’ve also managed to include clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation. Cushioning om the armrest is the same heavenly high quality cold-molded foam.

Moving further down, past the aluminium star base, we come across the mode of transport in the form of wheels. We’ve all seen old office chair wheels and how they make a terrible squeaky noise after a while. These alloy style caster wheels, however, aren’t your ordinary set of wheels. Free to swivel as they please, the clean contacts give an unmatched sense of strength, durability and grace. Sliding across carpets, tiles and even perhaps wooden floors is a hushed affair which won’t attract much attention.

Arriving to the final product does indeed require some assembly, all of which being superbly clear and explanatory. Needing no extra apparatus at all, all the pieces slide in together like one large puzzle, orchestrated to perfection. Alongside the main body, the package includes headrest and lumbar support cushions; noteworthy accessories. Designed exactly like the rest of the product, with the same cushioning too, they are easily added or removed using straps. The neck rest could prove vital for films or gaming in the long run and the lumbar cushion is an opportunity to further comfort your spin throughout the hugging design of the chair.

GT Omega Racing are a formidable brand, across the world and also on the Maltese shores. The GT Omega PRO Racing Office Chair, Gaming Chair or whatever you’re going to use it for, looks to be a fantastic buy for the worthy price of €250. Potentially transform your back-straining life into a well-deserved lay back.


  • Tilt Locking mechanism
  • 90-170 degrees angle adjuster
  • Height-adjustable gas spring cylinder
  • Height adjustable armrest
  • Black aluminium star base
  • Easy to move with caster wheels (2in/50mm diameter)
  • Orthopedically and ergonomically designed
  • Black and Pink Synthetic Leather material
  • black armrest
  • Headrest pillow and lumbar cushion are included
  • Load capacity up to 120kg
  • Weight 22kg


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+356 2726 1337

+356 9946 1261

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Mon - Fri: 10am - 7pm

Sat: 10am - 3pm

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